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MESVision Providers Are Better Connected with Telephony Solutions From iMessaging


MESVision provides quality vision-care services to employer groups of all sizes through insurance companies, health-maintenance organizations, preferred provider organizations and self-funded plans via a national network of providers including some of the finest ophthalmologists, opticians and optometrists in the United States. Efficiently serving these professionals is MESVision’s primary concern and was the impetus for its use of iMessaging’s iNspire Call Center Suite.


MESVision faced the need to enhance service to providers and patients while maintaining or, better yet, reducing costs. MESVision management is keenly aware that competition is fierce and continual improvement is required to deliver the best services and products. To improve service, MESVision focused on direct telephone interactions. While the telephone is still the company’s primary means of communicating with its clients, it had not focused on telephone services for some time.


More specifically, MESVision needed a way to deliver fast, accurate and personalized phone service; make the provider or client call experience pleasant and efficient; improve customer-service representative (CSR) productivity; and extend service hours.


"iNspire delivered dramatic telephone service

improvements by leveraging our System i skills."

—Ric Piecuch, director of information systems, MESVision




The iNspire Call Center Suite improved service to MESVision providers and clients by offering easy access to MESVision through telephonyservices such as:


• Telephone self-service via interactive voice response, which offers fasterservice and extended telephone support hours with the added benefit of offloadingMESVision CSRs, thus allowing them to focus on add-value tasks and complex issues


• Efficient routing of calls to skilled CSRs to speed caller resolution


• Custom screen pops containing pertinent patient data delivered with eachcall to enhance CSR efficiency


Additionally, MESVision realized cost reductions in several areas through themore efficient use of company resources. As MESVision continues to add telephonyautomation, it’s realizing it can do more with less through the effective use of technology.


“iNspire delivered dramatic telephone service improvements by leveraging ourSystem i skills,” says Ric Piecuch, director of information systems at MESVision.

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