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iVoice - Windows Host Solution

Interactive Voice Response for any Database

iVoice helps your organization;

  • Reduce costs and enhance customer service
  • Extend hours of service to 24x7
  • Offload repetitive calls, so personnel can focus on added-value interactions
  • Automate both inbound and outbound calls

From the technical perspective, iVoice;

  • Operates with any telephony environment (analog, T1, VoIP)
  • Connects to almost any Database

Simply put, iMessaging’s iVoice IVR automates telephone interactions with

callers to offload personnel and more efficiently service caller needs.​

iVoice for i features;
- Services both inbound and outbound calls
- Connects with Any Telephone Systems
- Granular Scalability
- Rapid Application Development
- Text-to-Speech
- Automatic Speech Recognition
- Monitoring and Reporting
- Digital Recording Tools
- Captures CallerID, ANI, DNIS
- And more…

Designed for connectivity to any database or application, iVoice IVR delivers an open, easy to use and easy to manage solution for mid size environments. And it’s API toolset provide the independence to develop IVR applications without reliance on a vendor. This simple, yet powerful API toolset provides developers with the all of the tools to create IVR call flows while working in familiar languages. Your developers focus on what they do best…application development and iVoice handles the low level telephony integration services.

Inbound and Outbound support: iVoice services inbound callers and automates outbound calling equally well. Outbound dialing includes the capability to automatically place calls and begin interactive “conversations” with the called party or leave a voicemail.  And, with the addition of iNspire call center services the process can be enhanced to connect callers with your live Customer Service Representatives for a FULL-service experience.

Granular Scalability: iVoice scales from entry-level systems with 2 or 4 lines to hundreds of concurrent lines.

Telephone System support:  iVoice support includes interfaces for analog and digital lines, as well as, VoIP (SIP) environments.

Superior Security: iVoice employs “i for business” security capabilities ensuring callers access only authorized data.

Text-to-Speech: Text-to-Speech enables textual phrases and database information to be 'spoken' to callers through synthesized speech. Text-to-Speech is particularly useful when pre-recorded speech is impractical for your application such as when speaking addresses or lengthy descriptions. 

Automatic Speech Recognition: With Speech Recognition callers may "speak" to the system, rather than using the touch-tone keypad to interact.  Speech Recognition can enhance the caller interaction with a more natural and conversational user experience.

Monitoring and Reporting: iVoice provides comprehensive reporting to track system activity.

Digital Recording Tools: These tools allow your organization to create professional quality digital recordings without the cost of employing voice talent. All components are supplied for the recording process so that you maintain full control. And if you chose to utilize professional recording talent, those recordings may easily be inputted for use with iVoice.

CallerID / ANI / DNIS: iVoice has the ability to collect CallerID, Automatic Number Identification, and Dialed Number Identification Service if available from your phone provider and telephone system. This data assists iVoice in identifying and servicing callers more efficiently by knowing who is calling or what number the caller dialed to reach you.

Turn-key Systems: Our services team is available to help you with as much or as little of your IVR project as needed. From Call Flow and Script design to application development and testing, our seasoned team can get your IVR project off to a fast start and your IVR applications up and running in record time.

And Much More…

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