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iNspire Call Center Suite

There are many call center solutions on the market today, but only one designed expressly for

IBM i – the iNspire Telephony Integration Suite™. iNspire leverages the power and reliability of

IBM i for Power Systems delivering a cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly

with your business applications and data. iNspire delivers both SELF-service and FULL-service

functions with the design point of improving customer service via the telephone.

iVoice IVR – Self-Service
iVoice IVR (Interactive Voice Response), a component of the iNspire Call Center Suite,  provides SELF-service capabilities that help our clients:

  • Off-load mundane, repetitive calls so employees can focus on high-value, high-priority interactions.
  • Provide faster service because callers don’t have to wait for available personnel.
  • Extend telephone service beyond normal business hours.
  • Service outbound calling requirements through automated dialing.

iVoice IVR is the finest IBM i based solution on the market today and can service all of your inbound and outbound IVR requirements. iVoice operates with any i-based data to service a variety of industries and applications including distribution, finance, insurance, government, utilities and more. iVoice supports both digitally recorded voice files as well as Text-to-Speech for synthesized speech of dynamic information.

iNspire for Call Centers
iNspire's FULL-service functions include capabilities for small to medium call center environments such as queuing, skills based routing and screen pops. FULL-service functions help our clients:

  • Manage callers who wish to speak with a live agent through our ACD queue.
  • Route callers to agents via skills-based routing with knowledge that the agent is available and has the skills to service the caller’s needs.
  • Deliver custom screen pops just prior to call delivery providing agents with pertinent information to add efficiency and personalization to each call.
  • Improve employee productivity with agent assisted dialing services.

More About iNspire
iNspire’s customized telephony services run natively on the IBM i for real-time

integration with any i-based application(s) and associated data. Data is shared

among related services in real-time, resulting in faster, more personalized service,

no re-keying of data and controlled operational costs. iNspire’s simple, API driven

approach works with any PBX or VoIP telephony system.

Most companies that run core business applications on the IBM i for Power Systems

operate their telephone systems on separate platforms.  Many assume they must also

run related telephony services – including ACD queuing, skills based call routing with

screen pops, caller self-service, automated dialing, reporting and more – on these

independent telephony platforms. This creates a lack of integration between

telephony services and business applications on IBM i, resulting in inherent

system inefficiencies that increase operating costs. Real-time data and related applications are not readily accessible to callers and/or service agents, which result in customer dissatisfaction and ultimately lost business. Other unnecessary costs also include requirements for special skills to maintain the telephony integrations, replication of data and additional staff needed to compensate for less efficient call processing. iNspire eliminates these concerns by delivering a software solution built for the IBM i!

iNspire’s i Controlled Design
The iNspire solution is unique because it is natively controlled on the IBM i for Power Systems, thus leveraging the benefits of the platform and your IT staff's technical knowledge base. Our desire was to bring you a solution that gives IBM i programmers easy-to-use tools to manage voice integrations within their core base of knowledge. That base of knowledge is the IBM i and native languages like RPG, COBOL and JAVA – skill sets your programmers already possess. As a result, iNspire was created specifically for “i” shops that want to integrate telephony services into existing applications or create new telephony elements.

iNspire is comprised of a comprehensive set of APIs and software that developers use to build telephony call flows into existing i-based applications. iNspire APIs provide a high-level interface that insulates programmers from dealing with specific telephony elements, allowing them to focus on the business logic rather than detailed technology issues. Our “i-centric” design provides you with the control to integrate telephony functions where you need them.


Pricing is based upon several factors, such as the quantity and length of calls to be serviced along with the number of employees (agents) using the system. We would be happy to talk with you and provide sample pricing and an estimate for your requirements. Please contact us at 1-866-iMS-LIVE (1-866-467-5483) or

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