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Call Center Integration

Many IBM i for Power Systems clients have deployed traditional and newer telephone systems from leading vendors such as Avaya, Nortel, MITEL, Siemens, and others. These businesses have significant investments in telephone systems and associated call center products. Most are pleased with the systems and vendor support, however, they would like to add advanced functions commonly referred to as CTI (Computer Telephony Integration). The learning curve associated with telephone systems and call center solutions alone can be daunting for many organizations. Add in the complexity of CTI and integrating with the IBM i, and it presents challenges beyond the comfort level of most IT staffs. Here’s what we typically are hearing…

      "Better service…We’re interested in integration of our Nortel Symposium (CCMS) call

center with AS/400 applications for screen pops, but where do we begin?"

"It’s all about efficiency…How can we add IVR self-service and truly integrate the information

collected with our Avaya CMS call center system so our agents can know who is calling?"

To meet these requirements, iMessaging has established a CTI software and services offering for IBM i clients (System i, iSeries and AS/400) who wish to integrate their existing telephone and call center systems any IBM i based application (ERP, CRM, etc.). Our CTI package includes software components from the iNspire Telephony Integration Suite™, along with custom programming and integration services. The components of the offering include:

  • iNspire screen pop software for IBM i
  • Integration services that “link” IBM i resources with the telephone system environment
  • Optional iVoice IVR

iNspire Screen Pop Software for IBM i
iNspire screen pop software is an IBM i-based set of software functions which enable virtually any screen pop to occur on a telephone agents screen. Included is a login routine that identifies the individual (Customer Service Representative) logging into the system with their profile and the telephone extension they are working from for that given session. The process also establishes the workstation screen pop environment so that their session is enabled for screen pops and audio alerts when a “pop” occurs.

The environment also establishes the methods for data exchange between the telephone system environment and the IBM i using data queues. These dynamic data queues provide the process for data to be received through the CTI link and passed to the appropriate representative’s screen.

Computer Telephony Integration - Link

The CTI Link provides the connection between the particular telephone environment and the IBM i. Each telephone vendor has established their own interface methods. While some vendors adhere to the TAPI (Telephony Application Programming Interface) standard, there are unique characteristics of each. In addition, many vendors require “agent” and system licensing to enable the CTI link. The skills required to enable these environments are specific and detailed. We will work with your telephony partner or utilize the talents of our assembled A-team of specialized telephony partners to complete this integration.

Optional iVoice IVR

To gain further efficiencies, our iVoice IVR can be deployed to off load staff and extend service. iVoice IVR is a full function IVR solution and a component of our iNspire Telephony Integration Suite™. Using iVoice IVR, callers can be serviced via the automated system for certain inquiries. Should a caller wish to speak with a live representative, iVoice IVR can seamlessly transfer that call to the call center system. What’s more, any data collected through the IVR self-service interaction can be passed to the agent’s workstation in the form of a screen pop. Your caller never needs to provide information they’ve already provided to the IVR to agents. Agents are also saving time on every call because they are ready to service caller needs at the first “hello”.

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