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While our tag line begins to provide a description of what we do, it leaves an important question unanswered — Who are we? We believe it is extremely important for our customers to know who we are and what we represent as an organization. After all, don't you want to do business with a group that maintains similar business principles and core values?

We at iMessaging Systems spend a good deal of time each year, as a team, developing and refining our organization's "Strategic Plan." While this plan certainly deals with our markets and product directions, we commit a major portion of the content to the types of individuals we hire and the philosophy of our team. We describe the team's lifestyle objectives with words like vitality, energy, trust, teamwork and balance.


As an organization, we are small by design. This allows us to be nimble and focus our energy on the needs of our customers. We continually strive to put our customers' needs first by providing superior customer support and responsive service. We are constantly updating our technical knowledge of IBM i and telephony environments, while keeping our clients individual needs always in our sights.

And, of course, professionalism and personal respect is paramount.

We believe that the IBM Power Systems and the i OS along with its predecessors the System i, iSeries and AS/400 represent the best all-around computing platform on the market and we remain committed to the platform. This is who the iMessaging team is! Throughout the coming months and years, we look forward to working with and supporting you and your organization's business goals. Thank you for your consideration.


— Your iMessaging Systems Team

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